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What Are My Rights As A Father?

Going through divorce can be extremely challenging, especially as a father. It can be confusing to understand what rights you have to custody of your children. Will the court treat you with the same consideration as the children’s mother? What are your rights? Will they be upheld? Answering all of these questions is essential to protecting your rights as a father.

Too often fathers assume that the mother will be given full custody of the children and there is simply nothing they can do. This may lead to anger and frustration or passive inaction in protecting their rights. As a father, you have an equal right to custody of your children. You should not be surrendering your parental time with your children simply because their mother insists you should. Understanding your rights will help you better protect yourself and your children.

How can I protect my rights?

Though it may seem like the system is biased towards mothers, this is not lawful. The law is neutral and unbiased, however, a judge may refuse to follow this law and try to give the mother preference. The trial court judge does not have the final word on custody issues! If a court in California has treated you this way, you have family law appellate rights.

Children deserve to spend time with both parents. Without a father, they will be lacking essential life lessons and it will be your children who suffer the most in the end. By utilizing a family law attorney, you can effectively demonstrate the reasoning and need for your children to have equal custody or parenting time with you. If you feel that the children’s mother is not fit to be a custodial parent, you can also take legal action to rectify this. Whether you seek a modification order or pursue legal action against the mother, it is essential that you are backed by an experience lawyer.

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