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How To Cope When Your Ex Harasses You At Work

As much as we’d like to sometimes, we can’t control what other people do. When your ex harasses you at work, it’s embarrassing, distracting and an all-around pain. Whether you’re receiving nasty phone calls, being inundated with texts or emails, or your ex goes all-out and shows up at your workplace to cause a scene, harassment is never pleasant. It’s never acceptable, either. If your ex won’t stop bothering you, let your San Bernardino divorce attorney know right away.

The Dangers of Harassment

Any law enforcement officer can tell you that harassment can end in domestic violence. That’s why it’s so important that you call your attorney immediately if you’re the victim of harassment.

People who use harassment to get to their exes are generally trying to gain emotional control. They may bother you at home, at your office, or anywhere else without regard for what you’re doing. Their main objective? To disrupt your day and leave you unsettled. Psychologists suggest that people who harass others are trying to get someone to share their emotional pain.

Keep Records of the Harassment You Experience

If your ex harasses you, write it down. Times and dates are important, and your attorney will find them very useful. You can also detail what he or she did; if your lawyer needs to petition the court for a restraining order, your notes will be incredibly helpful.

A Side Note on Harassment

Call the police immediately if you, your children or your property are in danger. If possible, leave the area and get to a safe location. Once you’re safe, call your lawyer and provide all of the details about what happened.

Harassment is never okay, and making excuses for your ex may only make the situation worse. Many people actually feel guilty over “causing” the harassment, but in truth, it’s never the victim’s fault. Your attorney may be able to recommend a local counselor or therapist who’s experienced in helping people through divorce, which can be incredibly helpful if you’re having a hard time reconciling the feelings you have about your ex’s harassment.