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Our legal team at the Law Office of Michael R. Young is dedicated to championing the rights of fathers. We recognize the critical role fathers have in their children's lives and strive to uphold those rights in family law disputes.

With over 50 years of collective experience, our San Bernardino father's rights attorneys are equipped to be your advocate and safeguard your children's best interests.

Are your paternal rights at risk? Contact the Law Office of Michael R. Young at (909) 315-4588 or reach out online to consult with our fathers' rights attorney in San Bernardino!

Why Choose Our Fathers' Rights Legal Team?

At the Law Office of Michael R. Young, our San Bernardino fathers' rights lawyers believe that parenting evaluations should be based on merit rather than gender.

Seek our legal counsel if you are:

  • Contemplating divorce or legal separation
  • Currently undergoing a divorce or separation
  • Seeking modifications post-divorce or separation
  • Involved in child custody or support disputes

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Divorce for Fathers

Divorce is a challenging period, and fathers often face unique hurdles. To secure the most favorable outcome, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Not Seeking Legal Representation: It's crucial for fathers to obtain legal counsel to navigate the complexities of their situation.
  2. Overlooking Financial Preparation: Fathers should thoroughly assess their finances before initiating divorce proceedings to ensure equitable distribution.
  3. Disregarding Emotional Health: Fathers must manage their emotions effectively during the legal process to make sound decisions.
  4. Overlooking Children's Best Interests: Fathers should prioritize their children's needs above all during custody discussions.
  5. Refusing to Negotiate: Flexibility and willingness to compromise are essential for fathers to reach amicable agreements.

Understanding California's Stance on Fathers' Rights

Father with child

While it may appear that the legal system favors mothers, California law is gender-neutral. If you've experienced bias, our attorneys can help uphold your appellate rights.

Children benefit from the presence of both parents. Without a father's influence, they miss out on vital life lessons. Our fathers' rights attorneys in San Bernardino can help you secure equitable custody or parenting time. If you question the mother's fitness as a custodial parent, we can assist in taking appropriate legal action. Whether you need a modification order or wish to pursue legal action, having a skilled attorney is imperative.

The Crucial Role of Fathers in Child Development

Fathers are integral to their children's growth. Studies indicate that children with active fathers are less likely to face negative life outcomes. Our firm is committed to advocating for your right to be involved in your child's life.

Advocating for Joint Custody in California

California law encourages joint custody to ensure children maintain strong bonds with both parents. Our San Bernardino fathers' rights attorneys support this view and work tirelessly to prevent any parent from being excluded from their children's lives based on gender stereotypes. Contact us to learn how we can assist you.

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