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Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney

Making the decision to get a divorce is one of the hardest things a person will have to do. Not only is it emotionally draining, but it is a long and time-consuming process. Because of how complex divorce can be, it is important that a person not only has a qualified attorney on their side, but also one that recognizes how stressful divorce can be.

Between dividing debts and assets and determining child support and visitation, a person may feel completely overwhelmed by this change of life circumstance. A skilled attorney will be able to tackle all of these legal components and allow a person to focus on their family.

How can a person find the right attorney?

The first step would be to consult with family and friends to learn about what they liked about their attorneys. These stories can help shape desired qualities of a divorce lawyer.

The next step would be to meet with a few attorneys for initial consultations. Some law firms will offer free or discounted first consultations, and this can be used to gauge whether or not this is the best lawyer to handle such an important matter.

When meeting with lawyers, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing and how many cases have they handled?
  • How does the law firm bill their clients?
  • How often will someone be available to answer phone calls?
  • Who besides the attorney will also be working on the case?
  • How will the firm ensure that a person gets their hands on copies of all documents and correspondence?
  • How much will a divorce cost?
  • Are there ways to keep the cost of divorce down and are there tasks a person can do on their own?

Speaking with others that have been in a similar situation can also help a person determine what they need in a divorce attorney.

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