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Selling Your Home In A Hurry

Selling your home in a hurry is usually a headache, but sometimes it’s a necessary one. If you, your ex and your San Bernardino divorce attorney all agree that you should put your home on the market immediately, chin up; there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

Selling Your Home During Divorce: It Can be Done

Divorcing couples often sell their homes because they need to as part ofordinary property division; some sell because they can no longer afford the mortgage, the upkeep or the property taxes. No matter why you and your ex have decided to sell your home during divorce, a little teamwork now can help it sell faster and closer to your asking price.

When to Sell Your Home During the Divorce Process

Your lawyer will walk you through the timeline for your divorce. Based on your discussions with your attorney and your ex, you’ll be able to determine the best time to start looking for a Realtor®. (In most cases, the sooner the better!)

The Home-Selling Checklist for Divorcing Couples

Your real estate agent may give you a checklist that includes all of the things that need to be done. If not, start with the small stuff: clear out everything you can and make sure the house is spotless.

Remember that the key to selling your home is letting potential buyers’ imaginations take over. They don’t want to see your family photos on the mantel or your bills on the counter; they want to envision their family photos and their bills.

If you can, experts suggest:

  • Removing all unnecessary furniture. This creates a more open look and shows potential buyers how big your rooms really are.
  • Resurfacing appliances with stainless steel coverings. New homeowners don’t want to live with someone else’s style, so keep things simple and plain.
  • Refinishing your deck, repainting your porch or dressing up the outside of your house. Outdoor living space is big with buyers, so the more comfortable the outside looks the more likely you are to sell quickly.

Don’t Leave Your Lawyer out in the Cold

Make sure you keep your divorce attorney informed throughout the entire process. He or she needs to know when you sign the final contract with your buyers; it could have an impact on your case. Additionally, your lawyer needs to know when you move so that he or she can send you court documents and ensure that your address is up-to-date with the court.