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Divorce After a Short-Term Marriage

If you’re part of a couple who dated only a short time and headed straight for the altar, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have bright, burning flames… and many of them die out prematurely. If that sounds like you, you won’t be alone if you choose to head to a San Bernardino divorce lawyer’s office.

Determining property division and hammering out child custody is a challenge; it’s no different during a divorce after a short-term marriage. Your lawyer will ask many questions about your marriage, including how it started, how soon you got married and why you’re divorcing. Your answers will give your attorney a clear picture of the situation so that he or she can protect your rights under California law.

Divorce after Short-Term Marriage: It’s More Common than You Think

While celebrities like Britney Spears divorce after just 55 hours of marriage, it happens in the real world, too. The U.S. census bureau says that 11.5 percent of couples who married between 1995 and 1999 never saw their fifth anniversaries. The numbers have almost certainly gone up since then.

Dissolving a Short-Term Marriage

It doesn’t matter how long you were married; divorce will cause you some measure of discomfort. People who divorce after short-term marriages are more likely to face I-told-you-sosfrom insensitive family members and friends, which makes things that much more difficult. Your San Bernardino divorce lawyer might suggest that you talk to a local therapist or counselor so that you have an emotionally safe place to vent your frustrations.

Every Divorce is Different

If you’ve been married for only a short time, you probably had less time to accumulate joint property, put large amounts of money into joint accounts or have kids. In any case, your attorney will need to know all about your income, what you own together and what you anticipate for custody if you do have children. He or she will likely ask you for an inventory of all the possessions you had going into the marriage, which will be incredibly useful during the property division phase of your divorce.