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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Quantity vs. Quality - Spending Time with Your Children During Divorce

    When you’re tangled up in a divorce, it’s hard to find enough time in the day. You have to maintain your regular obligations, such as work and everyday life, while juggling the duties of a single parent and squeezing in appointments and phone calls with your San Bernardino divorce attorney . Your lawyer will help you create a child custody agreement that works for your whole family, but making ...
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  • Fostering Healthy Parent-child Relationships During and After Divorce

    Divorce can be confusing for children, and it’s natural for them to gravitate toward one parent throughout the process. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some cases in our San Bernardino family law offices in which children take sides; that’s not pleasant for anyone. Your attorney will help you create a child custody agreement that works for your whole family, but making sure that your kids have a healthy ...
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  • Preventing Foreclosure In Divorce

    A married couple that purchases a home oftentimes does so jointly, meaning that the loan obtained from the bank and the title to the property are in two names. When a couple divorces, one of the largest assets that will have to be divided is the home. If a couple is unable to determine what to do with the home, they may face foreclosure. What are my options to prevent foreclosure? The best bet to ...
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  • Symptoms Of Divorce-related Depression

    Many things can trigger depression, and if we’re looking at stressful life events as a cause, divorce certainly fits the bill. You’re dealing with so much stress right now—even if you don’t feel like it—and that can put you on the path to clinical depression. As San Bernardino divorce lawyers , we’ve worked with many clients who were fighting an uphill battle with depression, so we’d like you to ...
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  • Who Gets Custody Of Your Family Friends After Divorce

    Your San Bernardino divorce lawyer will help you reach a fair settlement when it comes to property division , child support and alimony , but there’s one thing he or she can’t do: divide custody of your friends. Many people report that they lose friends during divorce. Sometimes friends feel like they have to take sides; other times, there are reasons that don’t seem to make sense on the surface. ...
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