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Stay off Social Media During a Divorce

Social media is a potent tool in the right (or wrong) hands. Let’s think about it: social trends like the #MeToo movement and the recent #TrashTag have saved thousands of lives, but other trends like the cinnamon challenge have inadvertently killed participants.

Unfortunately, the power of social media hits closer to home when you’re going through a divorce, but your San Bernardino divorce attorney can help! Here are some reasons why you should stay off social media during a divorce.

1. Seeing Your Spouse

The first and most obvious reason you should take a hiatus from social media during a divorce: you won’t have the temptation to check up on your spouse. Many soon-to-be divorcees play the comparison game between themselves and their spouses, attempting to show them that they’re “moving on” faster than their partner.

While it may feel good to play this game in the moment, it’s not a good idea for your long-term mental health. Therefore, stay off social media so you don’t drive yourself crazy following your spouse’s movements.

2. Posts Can Hurt Your Case

The second reason to stay off social media during your case: what you post can impact your divorce proceedings. While California is a no-fault divorce state, improper social media posts can impact your child custody battle.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about posting a pic of you out partying with your friends, you may inadvertently give your spouse ammo for divorce proceedings.

Not Sure if a Post Is Acceptable?

If you’re unsure if a social media post will hurt your divorce case, it’s best to talk to an experienced divorce attorney before you make the post. An attorney can give you the general guidelines of what’s fine to post, ensuring you stay social media smart during your divorce process.

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