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Three Ways To Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Child Custody Without The Court

Not all custody battles have to include the court. Working out your custody issues without the court can help save you time, money, and additional stress. Plus, it's better for your children and prevents them from being put in the middle of two fighting parents. 

1) A good way to start is to keep your child's best interests at heart. A lot of couples place the best interest of themselves before the child. The petition for custody includes reasons that have nothing to do with the child's well-being. It becomes more about their ego than anything else.

You have to separate your emotions from the child's. As long as your child is safe, where and when he or she spends their time should not be the issue. 

2) Do you have reason to believe that your child is better off with you than with your ex-partner? You better have the documentation to prove it then. You need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you are in the right or it will go straight to the court. Then, they will decide for you. 

Consider going through mediation to work through your issues to find a favorable custody agreement that works for you and your former spouse. A mediator will be able to help you and your ex put your child's best interests first.

3) Listen to your lawyer, especially if you do not want to wind up in court. You cannot do this alone. Your lawyer has the experience to make sure your argument does not go to court unless it is necessary. 

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