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When Can You Modify Your Child Support Agreement in California

The state of California takes the view that any changes in the income or personal life of an individual parent or guardian should result in either parent seeking a modification to their child support payments.

A Material Change in Circumstances

One of the terms that are usually used when it comes to asking for an adjustment is that of "material". When filing for a modification on your own or with the aid of an attorney, the term material change will become important because any change in circumstances should be large enough for a person to have their needs altered.

Why Seek a Modification?

There are several reasons why a modification can be sought from a court, including the loss of a job or a change in the hours being worked. If the loss of employment is significant enough for the individual to be unable to meet their child support demands the court may decide to reduce their payments because of this change.

Among the other reasons why the court could grant a modification order is a change in the circumstances of the paying parent or guardian. Marriage or the birth of another child are all reasons why a court will consider changing the level of support that is ordered.

Who Can Seek a Modification?

Either parent can seek a modification to the level of child support that is ordered in California. The level of child support could go up or down with the discretion of the judge overseeing the case the overriding factor. A child support modification order can be amended without charge in the state of California to make sure the levels remain correct for the good of the child.

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