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Determining California Child Support

The State of California has created its own rules and regulations regarding how the calculation of child support will be divided between parents when they pursue a divorce, separation, or another form of legal end to their relationship.

California child support is calculated using a formula that takes into account several different aspects of the lives of both parents. To avoid the problems associated with child support, each parent is allowed to provide all the relevant information needed to ensure the calculation is made fairly. In some cases, a judge can make a ruling that goes against the child support figure determined by the calculation.

The California Family Code

To determine the level of child support that is to be paid by an individual the family court of a county will look to the California Family Code for the guidelines regarding child support payments. The overall principle required to calculate child support payments is made concerning several different principles, including providing sufficient support to the child and ensuring both parents assume their responsibilities.

How to Calculate Child Support

When you make the move towards looking for child support payments as part of a divorce or separation agreement the first step is to look to obtain some advice from an attorney. An experienced attorney from The Law Office of Michael R. Young can guide a parent through the process of determining child support payments.

Some information is needed to allow the court to make a decision about what level of child support is required, including the gross adjusted income of each parent. Additionally, the court will need to know how much time the parent spends with the child, income tax deductions available to the individual, and childcare costs incurred by both parents.

A complex formula is used by the court that provides a final financial figure that is easy to determine and takes into account almost every aspect of the child support formula. Online calculators, like the one found here, can help estimate the level of child support that should be available.

Changing the Level of Child Support

Despite child support being easily determined using these principles, the level of child support decreed by a judge may not be the same as that which is estimated. There is some gray area available for a judge to make a ruling with regards to the level of child support on offer when it comes to the personal information that is used by a court.

The high cost of living in California tends to be taken into account by a judge when they are looking at the best options for caring for the child. This can include the cost of housing for an individual or for their ex-partner to ensure one person is not living far above their means and looking for the other former partner to help pay for their lifestyle.

Another consideration is the high level of income that is on offer to many residents of California. These residents have large income levels that could provide their child with a child support payment far above their needs. In cases like these, the judge presiding over the case will usually amend the results of the child support payments calculations to ensure they are always fair. California child support is focused purely on the needs of each child and does not look to punish either party for their lifestyle or earning potential.

If you have questions or concerns about either paying or receiving child support, call the San Bernardino divorce attorneys at Law Office of Michael R. Young for trusted legal counsel.