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Why The California Divorce Rate is Slightly Declining

The Divorce Rate in California

The divorce rate has been notoriously high for many years. With an almost 50/50 chance of divorce, many couples were growing skeptical of the institution. In California, the divorce rates have actually begun to decline. The reasons for this are varied, but the statistics are clear - divorce is a less-likely outcome for marriage.

Why Is The Divorce Rate Down?

Generational differences are one reason divorce has declined. Depending on the century, the purpose of marriage has varied. From utilitarian viewpoints to youthful engagements, the reasons for marriage have shifted with the culture.

Learning from History: Much of the millennial generation witnessed the divorce of parents. Watching what went wrong and understanding how to communicate may play a significant role when it comes to current marriage rates. On average, millennials are waiting 4 years longer to get married to their significant other. Many more women are obtaining advanced degrees or work experience before settling down. By entering the relationship as financially-independent adults, the institution may look different than it did during prior generations.

Testing the Waters: Cohabitating is another change in the dating landscape. By understanding how each person lives together, marriage isn’t as disruptive to an individual’s lifestyle. For a large percentage of couples, living together is part of the pathway to marriage. Learning how to first share a common space and household chores is a drastic change for how marriage was once seen.

Modernizing: Living together as well as delaying marriage are somewhat new trends in modern relationships. By seeing marriage as a final step in commitment rather than the beginning of a relationship, many modern marriages are staying together.

Protect Your Marriage

With a decline in the California divorce rate, many more people are considering the institution of marriage. Additionally, more millennials are opting to sign a prenup in order to protect themselves in the event of a divorce. While each couple must navigate their own relationship, the Law Office of Michael R. Young can help couples understand the legal side of marriage.

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