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Is the Divorce Process Simple?

A reported 45% of all marriages will end in divorce, and one would think that such a commonly used process would be simple and straightforward in this day and age. Unfortunately, divorces are typically more complicated than most spouses realize. In this blog post, attorney Michael Young explains why the divorce process is more complicated than you might assume.

Divorcing Couples Have a Hard Time Compromising

In a marriage, there’s no pressure for a spouse to claim ownership over an item, asset, or time with children because it's owned jointly. However, during divorce, these assets and precious moments will be split between both parties. Unfortunately, many spouses go into the divorce process with expectations about what’s “mine” and what’s “yours.”

This reality catches many off-guard, resulting in conflicts where one or both parties are unwilling to compromise on property division and child custody plans. In these situations, the only way to handle the problem is to go to court and get a verdict from a judge. Therefore, the divorce process is complicated because compromising with a soon-to-be ex is challenging. 

Every Divorce Is Different

The family law courts in California have been granting divorces for decades, but the reality is that every divorce is different. While every divorce process is roughly the same, the assets, circumstances, and parties involved in the divorce are new for every single case. Therefore, the divorce process is complicated because every divorce brings new stories into the courtroom.

Divorce Decisions Are Often Subjective

How does a judge determine what equitable distribution is when splitting a home and its assets between two people? Unfortunately, the law can only give guidelines as to how a judge should divide assets equally, so a judge’s divorce decisions are often subjective in nature. Therefore, the divorce process is complicated because every split is decided subjectively.

Representation Can Make the Process Easier

Divorces are complicated because couples have a hard time compromising, every divorce is different, and divorce decisions are often subjective; however, an experienced San Bernardino divorce lawyer can make the process easier for you.

Michael Young can suggest when you should compromise with a spouse, or when you should hold out. Michael Young has walked through hundreds of divorces and can identify how your case is different. Michael Young can fight for the divorce outcomes you want by making your case to the judge. Are you ready to make your divorce easier?

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