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Is it Possible to Change a Parenting Plan After a Divorce in California?

When you get divorced, you continue to be a parent. For some parents, working out a child custody agreement can take months of negotiations and hard work. However, the interests of your child change as they grow older and you and your ex move on with your lives, and you may need to modify a child custody order.

When Can A Parent Modify a Child Custody Order in California?

Custody modifications can be made whenever circumstances change the best interests of the child. It is possible for you to modify custody arrangements with your ex-spouse informally. The two of you can work out the changes on your own. After doing so, you should put the changes into writing—that is, you should create a Modified Agreed Custody Order. This will allow the court to enforce the terms of the new agreement.

In any case, a judge must sign off on a modified child custody order. Before doing so, the judge will evaluate the request and determine whether it is in the best interest of the child. The court will want to ensure that any modification order enables a child to have continuing and frequent contact with both parents.

Here are some of the other factors that the judge will consider:

  • Availability of extended family
  • Sibling relationships
  • Preference of the child

You may also want to modify the child custody order because you intend to relocate. Given the current direction of the economy, it may be necessary for many parents to broaden their search for a new job.

If you have primary custody of the child and you have found a job in another state, it is possible for you to relocate to that state with your child if your ex agrees. However, you will also need the agreement of the judge, who will consider the effect that such a move will have on the child.

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