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Should My Divorce Be Online?

When a couple decides to divorce, social media can become a battleground. One party may post about the split in an attempt to gain sympathy or air dirty laundry, while the other wants to keep the proceedings as private as possible. However, social media is only one aspect of how our divorces are now being handled. Increasingly, couples are choosing to post online about their divorce process. Our San Bernardino divorce attorney at Law Office of Michael R. Young shares why you should keep your divorce details private and limit posting online about your marital issues.

Why You Shouldn’t Post About Your Divorce

While social media can provide a cathartic release, airing your dirty laundry online can negatively affect your divorce proceedings. For example, if you are seeking child custody, posting about how much you dislike your soon-to-be ex-spouse could backfire. A family law judge may see that as an attempt to alienate the other parent and decide against awarding you custody. In addition, social media posts can be used as evidence in a divorce case. If you post about how much money you are making or spending, that information could be used by your spouse's attorney to argue for a larger alimony or child support payment.

Tips for Posting Online

There are several ways to avoid social media landmines during your divorce. First, be mindful of what you post. Consider whether the post could be used against you in court as evidence of unfit parenting or hidden assets.

Second, change your privacy settings so only friends can see your posts. While your posts will be available to those who follow you as well as those who have received screenshots or other copies, putting your profile on "private" can limit unwanted views of your posts.

Finally, if you struggle to keep your emotions in check, take a break from social media until you have calmed down. The last thing you want is for social media to complicate an already difficult time further.

Law Office of Michael R. Young Divorce Attorneys

Our attorneys understand that the urge to post online is strong. With our guidance, we can help you limit what social media activity can be brought into court as evidence against you.

Are you pursuing a divorce and unsure of how your social media activity can affect the outcome, schedule a consultation with our divorce attorneys today by calling (909) 315-4588 or contact us online to get started.