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The Different Kinds of Divorce

Which is more important, the journey or the destination? A simple question that can be asked of almost any experience, but one that has major ramifications for those interested in getting divorced. Clearly, the end of a marriage is the ultimate destination of every divorce, but at the Law Office of Michael Young, we believe the journey is just as important.

To help you think through your options, we’ve created this blog to help you choose the best journey for your California divorce.

The Different Divorce Processes

Before we talk about the different processes, it’s important to recognize that all California divorces are classified as no-fault based. Therefore, during the California divorce process, neither party can claim the other party as liable for causing the divorce.

All California divorces are faultless, but spouses will determine if the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree with all the stipulations of the outcome of the divorce process. For a couple to have an uncontested divorce, they must agree on every aspect of the divorce without exception. Therefore, if two spouses can’t agree on one aspect of asset division, the divorce cannot be classified as uncontested.

Uncontested divorce is undoubtedly the easiest and cheapest divorce process possible; however, having a trusted family law attorney help you through the paperwork ensures everything is correct before the work is filed.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is when two parties cannot agree on the outcome of their divorce. When this happens, the couple will have to go through a contested divorce process.

Mediated Divorce

In a mediated divorce, both parties will sit down with a mediator (often an experienced family law attorney) who will help the couple work out the pain points of their divorce. The mediator can often give advice about the probable outcome of a traditional divorce, and steer both parties towards a healthy compromise given the circumstances.

Some people like the mediated divorce process because it’s more collective than others; however, some spouses may feel unrepresented during the mediation process. If spouses still can’t agree on every aspect of their divorce, then the only option left is a traditional divorce.

Traditional Divorce

A traditional divorce is the divorce process we all know from movies and television. The couple will go to court and stand before a judge who will ultimately determine the outcome of their case based on the facts. What the judge hears (and the conventional standards of divorce court) will ultimately determine the outcome of the case, and the spouses cannot disregard the final say of the judge.

In this blog post, we covered the different kinds of divorce; however, all of these processes have something in common: an experienced family law attorney can drastically impact the case. If you’re interested in starting the divorce process, contact the Law Office of Michael Young to talk about your options!

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