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Is Legal Separation a Band-Aid or a Solution?

Legal separation can be very beneficial for couples that are on the fence about getting a divorce. Sometimes people feel that they need more time before deciding on a divorce. Other times it could just be a temporary solution until a divorce is finalized.

How Separation Benefits Couples

Legal separation still entitles both couples to insurance, income tax benefits, and even mortgages. They are still entitled to all financial benefits as a married couple since they are not typically divorced yet.

Legal separations do go through the courts, and the judge will order an agreement for the couple to follow. The judge will decide on child custody, spousal support, and property division. It does give both couples a cooling-off period since they will not be living together for the time being. Couples are also given a chance to come to a clear mind.

How Separation Can Cause Issues

On the other end of the spectrum, a legal separation may take a toll on the financial aspect of things. Work bonuses and any lottery winnings would be marital property. This is why legal separation could be just a band-aid.

For couples that are not sure what to do, a legal separation could help them make that decision in the process. Legal separations can give couples a taste of divorce in certain aspects. The only downfall to separation would be that you are still legally married to your spouse

Seek Legal Counsel for Additional Help

Overall, a legal separation may or may not be for all couples. Some couples don't separate and instead go through the process of divorce while they still live together. Every couple is different. Speaking with a skilled divorce lawyer can help you understand your options at this time. At the Law Office of Michael R. Young, we provide our clients with sound guidance, while protecting their best interests.

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