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For Victims of Domestic Violence in California, How Can a Lawyer Help?

Raising awareness about domestic violence is important throughout the year, but it receives particular emphasis during October. Since 1987, October has been Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity to learn more about domestic abuse and the best ways to help victims.

People often remain unaware of how pervasive domestic abuse is and how it can be happening in their neighborhood. In 2020, there were over 8,400 calls for assistance connected to domestic violence in San Bernardino County alone. These included reports of strangulation and possession of a weapon.

How Can Lawyers Help Victims of Domestic Violence in California?

There are multiple ways for victims of domestic violence to seek help in California. One reliable source of assistance is a reputable attorney.

Listening With Compassion and Without Judgment

Victims of domestic or intimate partner violence often struggle to share their stories. They’re often afraid of not being believed, and they experience fear, shame, and anger.

Often, domestic violence victims aren’t sure if the abuse they’ve suffered will be taken seriously. Domestic violence isn’t limited to the infliction of physical injuries. It can also include sexual assault, violent threats, stalking, and other damaging actions. These behaviors need to be recognized for the harm they cause, even when they don’t lead to injuries.

An experienced, skilled, and compassionate lawyer listens to you. They give you the support you need to describe your abuse. They don’t shame you or make judgmental remarks. Based on what you tell them, they help you figure out what to do next and remind you that you don’t have to go through a harrowing experience alone.

Providing Invaluable Advice

Victims of domestic violence often feel stuck. Maybe they’re financially dependent on the person abusing them. Perhaps they aren’t sure how to best safeguard their kids. They’re often afraid to leave an abusive relationship because of the possibility of reprisal and the uncertainty about where to go and what steps to take.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, you may need advice on a range of critical issues, including:

  • How to safely leave an abusive living situation.
  • How to stay safe from physical attacks, emotional abuse, sexual violence, and stalking.
  • How to best protect your kids and other loved ones.
  • How to stay in possession of your financial assets, such as your savings or a home you own.

The advice your lawyer gives you can help make you safer and give you more hope. Based on the specifics of your situation, your lawyer knows which legal avenues are open to you and which legal strategies are most effective. They can also refer you to organizations that offer additional assistance; these include domestic violence shelters.

Preventing Costly Mistakes

When you’re experiencing the pain and stress of domestic violence, it’s hard to keep track of everything you need to do and remember how to get it done. Your lawyer is available to guide you away from pitfalls.

If you’re filing for a divorce, engaging in a custody dispute, filing a restraining order, or taking other legal actions, there’s a lot of room for error. Even something as simple as forgetting to submit a form on time can undermine your case.

Your lawyer helps you stay organized, keep up with deadlines, and complete all the necessary paperwork. They also advise you against actions that may jeopardize your efforts.

Fighting for You

Victims of domestic violence come under attack in multiple ways, including through legal channels. For example, their abuser may fight with them over alimony or child support. Custody disputes and arrangements also become opportunities to inflict tremendous pain.

In some cases, victims aren’t seen as entirely credible. One example is when they develop a psychological problem, such as post-traumatic stress, resulting from the abuse. Instead of receiving fair treatment from the legal system, victims of domestic violence may find themselves disbelieved, discredited, or punished.

To face these challenges, you need a powerful lawyer. Your lawyer consistently serves as your advocate. They defend you against dishonest accusations. They fight for fair outcomes, and they look after your best interests.

For any legal proceeding, your attorney will work with you to build the strongest case possible. They help you collect, document, and analyze evidence that supports your claims, such as medical records and photos of injuries. If you need to appear in court, they prepare you. They will anticipate arguments that may be used against you and how to put up the best defense.

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Lawyers serve as experienced advocates. They defend your rights, help you navigate the legal system, and increase the chances that you’ll find greater safety, freedom, and peace.

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