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How Should We Handle Our Children’s Technology Use?

When parents discuss technology use with their children, they are often better equipped to handle conflict down the road. Many parents feel overwhelmed regarding technology and how much access their children should have. By sitting down and having a discussion about technology use, parents can come to an agreement that works for both of them. Our child custody attorneys at Law Office of Michael R. Young discuss the importance of these discussions and share tips on how to make them run smoothly!

Adding In Usage in the Parenting Plan

With technology being such a large part of our lives, it is important for parents to sit down and discuss how they want their children to use it. Many parents feel like they need to be experts on technology and know everything about it to make these decisions, but that is not the case. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to have an open discussion with your child's other parent about expectations for technology use.

Together, you can discuss your ideal usage for iPads, tablets, computers, cell phones, and video game consoles and create a plan for your child. You might wish to set a "screen-time" limit for each day or week or set guides on when which screen can be used. With this discussion, you can explore these options and prepare a new plan for your children.

To help limit complications in the future, you can include your agreed-upon guidelines in your parenting plan, so that you can refer back to your initial agreement in times of confusion or conflict.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

After creating a plan with your child's other parent, it is important to set healthy boundaries regarding screen usage. You might wish to discuss these guides with your child and explain how they came to be.

In a conversation with your child, you may wish to discuss:

  • Talk about your personal technology use and why you limit it.
  • Be open to listening to your child’s opinion on the matter.
  • Respect your child’s privacy when it comes to their technology use.
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations for technology use.
  • Discuss the consequences of not following the agreement.

If your child has any objections, make sure to listen to them to hear their concerns. They may be worried about their ability to complete schoolwork or communicate with you when needed. If you believe that you need to make an adjustment to your current standards to reflect this situation, you can always do so.

Giving You The Upper Hand Through This Difficult Time

Setting guidelines and rules for your children can be difficult, especially regarding technology usage. Our child custody attorneys can help you document your family’s guidelines and review your current parenting plan if needed.

Are you a parent concerned about your child’s technology usage? Schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys today to learn more about how we can help you include this information in your parenting plan. Call us at (909) 315-4588 to get started.