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  • Establishing Paternal Rights As An Unmarried Father
    Establishing Paternal Rights As An Unmarried Father

    Being a father is more than just a legal bond with your children. It’s the relationship you build as your children grow up and the memories you make together. But as an unmarried parent, you may not ...

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  • Is California a “Mother State?”
    Is California a “Mother State?”

    When fighting for child custody, it is important to use every legal advantage you can. You may ask your attorney what you can do when preparing for your child custody case, but it may give you peace ...

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  • What Are Grandparents’ Rights?
    What Are Grandparents’ Rights?

    You may have heard of parental rights, most likely mother’s rights or father’s rights, but have you heard of grandparents’ rights? Created to preserve the bond grandparents may share with a child, ...

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  • Breaking Down Parental Rights
    Breaking Down Parental Rights

    It can be quite easy to assume that you have legal rights to your child as a parent. But do you know what exactly your parental rights are? Our San Bernardino child custody attorneys explain parental ...

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  • How to Explain an Absent Parent to Your Children
    How to Explain an Absent Parent to Your Children

    If you're a single parent, you may struggle with explaining to your children why their other parent is absent. Kids can have a hard time understanding why two parents wouldn't stay together, and they ...

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  • Child Custody 101
    Child Custody 101

    When making child custody decisions in California, the court's number one priority is to make sure it is in the child's best interests. This means keeping the child safe and secure. Ultimately, ...

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