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Establishing Paternal Rights As An Unmarried Father

Being a father is more than just a legal bond with your children. It’s the relationship you build as your children grow up and the memories you make together. But as an unmarried parent, you may not have a legal relationship with your children, and it can limit what you do. Our child custody attorney at Law Office of Michael R. Young shares what you need to know about establishing paternal rights.

Seeking Paternity

To begin the process of legally connecting yourself to your children, you will need to establish paternity. In California, this can be done in two ways.

With Both Parents Voluntarily

The easiest way to establish parentage is to sign the voluntary declaration of parentage or paternity form with the child’s mother. This form can be completed at the hospital so that the father’s name is included on the birth certificate. When completed at the hospital, the mother will not need to prove in court who the father is, and the father has paternity and legal parentage of their child from the child’s birth.

The voluntary declaration of parentage or paternity form can also be completed after the child is brought home from the hospital. Both parents will need to sign the form in the presence of a notary public and then submit the form to the California Department of Child Support Services. For the father to be included on the child’s birth certificate, a new copy must be requested.

Through Court Order

If you or the other parent are unwilling to file and sign the voluntary declaration of parentage or paternity form together, then you will need to seek paternity through a court order. You may feel like there are many steps to establishing paternity through a court order. It can be highly effective and helpful to consult a paternity attorney. You will need to share proof of why you are the father of the child in court, and building a complete case can benefit you.

San Bernardino Parental Rights Attorney

As an unmarried father, you deserve a legal link to your child. Seeking paternity is not difficult and can help you become more involved in your child’s life. Our parental rights attorney at Law Office of Michael R. Young can help you establish paternity and seek parental rights for your child.

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