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Should I Discuss Travel Limits With My Child’s Other Parent?

Traveling can be such an enriching experience for children. However, when children travel outside of the state or country without both parents' permission, it can cause conflict regarding the child's custody order.

Placing Travel Restrictions

If you have legal custody of your child, you might be concerned about if you should put travel restrictions on your child when they are with the other parent. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The reason for the travel: Is the other parent traveling for business or pleasure? If it is for business, will the child be accompanying them on work trips?
  • How long will they be gone: A weekend trip is usually not cause for concern, but a month-long trip might be.
  • Your child's age: If your child is younger, you might feel more comfortable with them staying within the country.
  • Your parenting agreement: If you and the other parent have a parenting agreement in place, it might stipulate what kind of travel is allowed and how much notice the other parent must give you.

If you do not want your child to travel outside of the state or country with the other parent, you should consult with a skilled child custody attorney. They can help you determine if the travel restrictions are allowable under your custody agreement, and if they are not, they can help you file a modification to the agreement.

Have a Conversation With Your Child’s Other Parent

If you do wish to place travel restrictions for your child, you should have a discussion with your child’s other parent when doing so. While they might not be receptive to the idea, it can help set boundaries with your child’s other parent, and explain your concerns with your current custody order. Having this conversation can help each parent understand expectations for travel with their child.

You should also document any travel restrictions you put in place in your custody agreement. This will help ensure there is no confusion about the expectations for travel and can provide a clear understanding of the consequences if the other parent does not adhere to the agreed-upon travel restrictions.

Giving You The Upper Hand During This Difficult Time

If you are concerned about your child traveling with their other parent, our child custody and modifications attorneys can help. We understand how important it is to keep your children safe and our team is dedicated to helping your family in this difficult time.

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