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Surviving a heated divorce

Some people have extremely close relationships with their in-laws, which can make all of the parties involved feel like they have to choose sides in a divorce. It’s not any easier if you’re not close to your in-laws, though. In fact, many people feel like divorce is a battle – and if your ex-in-laws bring out the big guns, things can get a more difficult.

First, remember that your divorce is between you and your ex; if things get out of control, let your San Bernardino divorce lawyer know.

When Ex-in-Laws Attack: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape

Anybody with formidable in-laws can relate to the need to escape, and during divorce, that might be your best option. If you and your ex share kids, you’ll have to deal with them sooner or later. You’ll put yourself in the best position if you:

  • Avoid confrontation. Your ex-in-laws may not be very happy with you right now, and they may not be afraid to show it. However, it’s usually better to keep the peace with everyone involved in a divorce.
  • Don’t argue. If you feel like you’re being put on the offensive, don’t fan the flames. Try politely suggesting that you have a peaceful discussion later – away from the children – and that you’ll be happy to address their concerns.
  • Leave the situation. Some in-laws are more confrontational than others are; some want to hash things out anywhere, any time. In order to save your sanity and keep your stress levels as normal as they can be during divorce, it might be best to excuse yourself from the situation.

Harassment is Not Acceptable… Ever

Unfortunately, some extended families are more involved in their kids’ divorces than they should be. That said, harassment is never acceptable. It’s one thing for your ex-in-laws to give you dirty looks or confront you when the occasion presents itself, but harassing phone calls, emails or texts should go straight to your divorce lawyer’s desk. There’s no excuse for harassment, and your San Bernardino divorce lawyer can help put a stop to it quickly and effectively.